Super Gate V

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Product Description

The Super Gate V | North States Model 8749

Extra Wide Hardware Mounted Plastic Gate

Super Gate-V Dog Gate The Super Gate V is a hardware mounted swing gate capable of spanning an area from 22" to 62" wide. One side of this gate is mounted directly onto your wall using a hinge while the other side can be unlatched and swung open. When not in use the telescoping design of the Super Gate V allows for it to collapse down and swing out of the way. Available in white only.

Note: If using for a child barrier please take the time to read the installation criteria below:

Due the many variations of moldings and baseboards in today's houses, it becomes virtually impossible to manufacture a bracket to fit every situation. In an opening that has molding or baseboards, what we suggest is obtaining strips of wood from your local hardware or home center store that are as deep as the molding and as wide as the locking rail or wall hinge. You then attach these strips of wood, or "spacers", above the molding, allowing the wall hinge and locking rail to be attached as close to the floor as possible.

Symbol indicating that Gates are Child Safety Rated
Use with children:

This gate has been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturer's Association for use with small children. The rounded edges are designed to not pinch hands and fingers. The swing open design is easy for the on-the-go mom to use with one hand.
Gates that are Rated for Use with Pets
Use with pets:

This gate is sturdy enough to be used with dog breeds of any size. The heavy duty plastic construction is tough and rugged. The soft edges will not pinch or cut your pet's paws.

Gate Dimensions and Features
(Base Unit)
Off White

Recommended for
Wide Openings & Entry Ways

Hardware Mounted
Plastic Gate

Super Gate V - Installation Types

Type: Hardware mounted
Construction: Plastic
Height: 31" high
Span: fits 22"-62"
Bar Spacing: Plastic mesh
Features: one hand use
No extensions available


Swing gate design (one side is wall) Fits openings from 22" to 62" Gate height - 31" Easy to clean, heavy duty plastic construction Can be removed from mounting brackets for storage Easy one-handed operation Rounded edges will not pinch All hardware and brackets included for easy mounting Can be installed permanently or temporarily Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee

Symbol indicating that Gates are Child Safety Rated
Gate is JPMA certified & adheres
to the guidelines as set forth by the JPMA
& the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Super Gate V
Fits openings from 22" to 5 ft.

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