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Richell Convertible Elite 6 Panel Pet Gate | Model 94171

Hardwood Free Standing Gate | Pet Pen | Room Divider

Richell Convertible Elite 6 Panel Pet Gate

The Richell Convertible Elite 6 Panel Pet Gate is one of those gate products that can be used in many ways for many pet or dog situations. The flexibility in design allows for use as a free standing gate use to block off an area or act as a room divider or barricade. The detail in craftsmanship makes this pet gate product fit into any home and actually look good!

This gate has a panel with a walk through opening that is 31.5 inches wide, making it easy to maneuver through for anyone...even while carrying bag of groceries.

The Convertible Elite panels each lock at 90 and 180 degree angles with a unique top stability cap adding support to the overall gate. The Convertible Elite 6 panel gate offers additional optional panels allowing you to configure the gate any way you need at any width! This optional panel is only available in the color autumn matte. There is no limit to the maximum of optional panels you can add to the gate. This panel locking feature is unique among free standing pet gates. It allows for a more stable gate or barrier that is more difficult to push over or aside.

Not to be forgotten, but this panel gate can be arranged into a pen configuration if you wanted to keep your pet contained in a small area...perfect for when you may have company visiting and want to limit the roaming of your dog.

Note: You may add any number of additional panels to achieve a desired barrier length. You can also add the additional panel that has the walk through gate...creating a second access point in your pet barrier.

Symbol indicating that Gates are Child Safety Rated
Use with children:

This gate is designed to be used with pets, and is not recommended for use with children.
Gates that are Rated for Use with Pets
Use with pets:

This freestanding pet gate is a great solution for small to medium dog breeds. Standing 31.5" tall with 1 1/8" bar spacings makes it difficult for smaller dogs to fit through the bar spacings.

Convertible Elite Pet Gate configurations | Richell 94171

Note: No screws or mounting hardware required for installation.

Gate Dimensions and Features
(Base Unit)
Up to 142"
1 1/8"
Autumn Matte, Black
Recommended for
Door Ways, Hall Ways, Room Dividers, Playpen

Made of eco-friendly Rubberwood Hardwood Made of eco-friendly
Rubberwood Hardwood

Convertible Elite Pet Gate Important Information
6-Panel Dimensions
Extra Panel
*Zig-Zag | Room Divider
142" L x 31.5" H
Adds 23"L
**Free Standing
130" L x 31.5" H
Adds 31.5"L
Pet Pen
69"L x 31.5"W x31.5"H

* To create a Room Divider, this gate must be set up in a Zig-Zag pattern which is secured in place with cap-locks
** To create a stable Free Standing Gate, the two end panels of this gate must be folded in on a 90 degree angle which is held in place with the cap-locks.

Type: Free Standing
Construction: Hardwood
Height: 31.5" high
Span: up to 142"
Walk thru width: 29.5"w
Bar Spacing: 1 1/8"
Features: One hand lock

Ships same business day if ordered by 10am CST
Unique top cap design locks panels in place at 90 and 180 degree angles for added stability Lockable gate door allows easy access from room to room Beautiful hardwood construction Easy to assemble Instruction manual included 1 1/8" space between wire slats Wire is 7 Gage or 0.144" Made from eco-friendly rubber wood
This discount item is available in BLACK only.

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