Retract-A-Gate Retractable Safety Gate

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Retract-A-Gate Retractable Safety Gate

The Retract-A-Gate Retractable Safety Gate is an extremely reliable and easy-to-use gate that can be used for blocking off hallways, doorways or staircases. It is available in two sizes: Small (capable of spanning an area up to 52" wide) or Large (capable of spanning an area up to 72" wide).

This gate utilizes a scratch resistant mesh barrier that will automatically retract into the reel portion of the gate when not in use. There is no need to uninstall the gate or worry about where to store it - simply unlatch the free end of the gate and let it wind itself up! Each Retract-A-Gate comes with one a gate, a wall bracket kit and mounting hardware. Available in Beige and White.

Size: Gate Width: Gate Height:
Up to 52"
Up to 72"

Symbol indicating that Gates are Child Safety Rated
Use with children:

This gate has been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturer's Association for use with small children. It can be used for blocking off hallways, doorways or staircases. This gate can withstand up to 200 pounds of push out force, making it strong enough for toddlers and young kids.
Gates that are Rated for Use with Pets
Use with pets:

This gate can be used with pets of all sizes. The mesh barrier is extremely scratch and claw resistant. The 34" height is tall enough where most pets will not be able to jump over the top of it.

Note: The Retract-A-Gate comes with one gate, a wall bracket kit and mounting hardware.  Tiny dogs and cats have been known to squeeze under this gate.

Easy to use - Step 1 Easy to Use - Step 2 Easy to Use - Step 3

Easy install of the Retract-A-Gate

The Versatile Retract-A-Gate

Retract-A-Gate Small
52" span model
User Guide
Retract-A-Gate Large
72" span model
User Guide
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Type: Hardware mounted
Construction: Plastic
Height: 34" high
Span: fits up to 72"
Bar Spacing: Solid mesh
Features: Retractable, durable
No extensions available
Retract-A-Gate Products
Small size will span openings up to 52" Large size will span openings up to 72" Gate height is 34" Gate will wind closed automatically Mesh barrier is extremely durable and scratch resistant Capable of withstanding up to 200 lbs of push out force One-handed operation Comes with one gate, one wall bracket kit and mounting hardware Available in Beige and White

Symbol indicating that Gates are Child Safety Rated
Gate is JPMA certified & adheres
to the guidelines as set forth by the JPMA
& the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Retractable Pet Gate

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