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Pressure Mounted Gates

No Hardware or Installation Required

Pressure mounted gates are a convenient and non permanent solution for installing a safety gate. These gates do not require any tools or hardware for installation and can easily be removed when not in use. Simply set the gate in place and lock it into position - there are no screws or mounting brackets that need to be installed in your walls or woodwork.

Some pressure mounted gates feature a walk-through doorway which provides a convenient method for passing through the gate without having to uninstall it. For gates without a walk-through doorway you will need to step over the top of the gate or remove it in order to pass through the secured area.

Pressure mounted gates are a great option for use with pets and small children. They can be used for securing doorways, hallways, or entryways. See the Baby Gate Info page for more details regarding baby gate criteria.

Note: Pressure mounted gates are generally not recommended to be used for securing staircases. Due to their design it is possible that a small child could push them over if not installed with sufficient pressure. A Hardware Mounted Gate would be more appropriate for use on a staircase. See the Stairway Gates section for these models.