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Important Information about Baby Gates
What to Consider | How to Choose the Best Child Safety Gate

Symbol indicating that Gates are Child Safety Rated
Serious consideration should come into play when looking for a baby gate. Gates or barriers not only should be chosen to correctly fit the targeted area in the home, but attention to the actual gate is important. Several gate manufacturers offer models that are JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturer's Association) certified. Manufacturers displaying this certification have met stringent tests of their product focusing on a products suitability with juveniles. This designation does not guarantee safety or suitability with your child, rather it provides you with the knowledge that the product is designed and constructed for the purpose of use with or around young children.

Important: Child supervision is paramount to child safety. You should never rely on a product to substitute for direct parental supervision.

Choosing the Right Baby Gate Design

Select a Gate that is designed appropriate for the age of your child. Pay particular attention to a gates bar spacing. Crawling toddlers tend to pull themselves up as they learn to stand and walk. A gate with wider bar spacing may be more difficult for your child to steady themselves as they interact with the gate. Gates with a solid panel design allow for a toddler to support themselves on a flap surface. Bar spacing more be slightly more difficult to coordinate their hands when attempting to grab a bar to steady themselves. If they fall forward, there is a potential for their arms to slide between the bars, resulting in injury. Choosing the correct gate has everything to do with how old and how developed your child is. Keep in mind, it is never recommended that a parent relies on a gate to contain their child's movements unsupervised.

Another important feature that is important to fully understand when choosing a gate is the lock latch mechanism. Most gates have a latch that is too difficult for a young toddler to accidentally open. Do not confuse a Pet Gate with a child gate. Pet Gates tend to have simple convenient latches, as they are not designed nor intended to be used as a child gate.

Choosing the Right Baby Gate for the Right Area in Your Home

Baby Gate models vary based on where you want to use them as well as how you want to use them. If you are installing a gate at the top of the stairs, you definitely want a gate that is designed for that use.

Stairway Gates:These gates feature that allows the gate to swing open in one direction...away from the stairs. If a models is designed as a stairway gate, then there is included along with the hardware, a stop or block that allows you to choose which direction the swing door opens. The 'stop' will prevent it from swinging open over the steps. The latch mechanism is usually quite substantial and more intricate to open, thus deterring a toddler from opening it.

Fireplaces |Forbidden Areas | Large Area Coverage: There may be an area in your home that is completely forbidden under all circumstances for your child. A permanently mounted or Hardware Mounted
Example of Hardware mounted gate to a wall.
is preferable for these locations. Hardware mounted refers to a gate that is designed to be secured to a wall, post etc. This method of mounting results in a very secure gate that often utilizes an irregular shape. For example, if your fireplace is in a corner of the room, a hardware mounted irregular gate would allow you to cordon off the area by attaching each end to the wall, thus boxing off the danger area. These irregular type hardware mounted gates are also used for wider areas where you want to control activity. A wide entryway into a another room may be much wider than a typical Doorway or hallway. Child Gates that are designed for wider areas of coverage may be straight / lineal or take an irregular pattern to achieve the barrier.

Hardware Mounted Gates: As mentioned above,irregular or wide expanse gates for children are permanently installed to wall. Large Free Standing Gates are never used for children as they are not stable enough. Free Standing gates are exclusively used for pets. Hardware mounted gates will provide you with a very secure, stable gate application. There are a couple of drawbacks to this category as well. When mounting this class of gates, you will be marring or making hardware screw attachments to the wall or chosen surface. The second drawback is that a hardware mounted gate is not quite as versatile as the Pressure Mounted Gates as you will see below.

Pressure Mounted Gates: This class of gates are very popular because they are versatile and can potentially be used in more than one area of the home. There is no hardware with these gates that requires you to permanently adhere to a wall surface, rather they utilize a pressure pads or in some cases cups on each end. You would place the pressure mounted gate in the desired location, such as a doorway or hallway, then turn the extension screws located at the ends of the gate top apply pressure to the wall pads or cups. This pressure is what stabilizes the gate in place. When using a gate for a baby or toddler, remember to frequently check the pressure applied on the gate. Toddlers will lean against and hold onto several times a day in many cases. You will want to maintain the pressure or at a minimum make sure the tight stability of the gate is maintained. Remember, there is no substitute for direct parental supervision.

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