Gateway Gate

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Gateway Gate | Pressure Mounted Gate

Gateway Gate

Pressure Mounted Metal Gate

This Gateway Gate is an excellent choice for high traffic areas. It features an exclusive Pressure Plus system that adds support to the frame when the handle is locked. This creates a very sturdy and save pressure mounted gate.

It will not damage any doorway frames or hallway walls. The heavy duty steel construction will last for years. Installation is simple and finished in minutes.

The gate is 29.5 high and will fit any opening from 29 to 37 in width. Optional extensions will increase this distance up to 73.5 inches or just over 6 feet.

Gate Dimensions and Features
(Base Unit)
5.5", 12.5"
Child Safety
Important Message

The Base Gate unit consists of a gate that will span from 29" to 37".
There are included with your purchase (2) space fillers used to fill the gap created when adjusting your gate to wider widths.

You may add up to (3) additional extensions for increased widths.
Additional extensions do not require space fillers...see below

Gateway Gate
Extension Options

Gate Width
Spans Using
Extension Combination
29 - 31.5"
No need to use included space fillers
31.5 - 34.25"
Use (1) included space filler
34.25 - 37"
Use (2) included space filler
37" to 42 1/2"
Purchase( 1) - 5.5" Extension
42 1/2" to 47 1/2"
Purchase (2) - 5.5" extensions
47 1/2" to 49 1/2"
Purchase (1) - 12.5" extension
49 1/2" to 55"
Purchase (1)- 12.5" extension , & (1)- 5.5" extension
55" to 62"
62" to 68"
Purchase (2) - 12.5" extensions , & (1) - 5.5" extension
68" to 73 1/2"
Purchase (2)- 12.5" extension , & (2) - 5.5" extensions
Extensions for the Metal Easy Close Gate
Click here for 5.5" Pressure Mounted Extension Kit Click here for 12.5" Pressure Mounted Extension Kit

Symbol indicating that Gates are Child Safety Rated
Use with children:

This gate is JPMA certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturer's Association for safe use with small children. When the handle locks the exclusive Pressure Plus system adds stability to the frame safeguarding the gate.

Gates that are Rated for Use with Pets
Use with pets:

This gate features 2 1/4" bar spacings and measures 29" tall which is suitable for small to medium dogs. Larger or aggressive dogs may need a taller gate

Type: Pressure mounted
Construction: Steel
Height: 29 1/2" high
Span: fits 29-37", Max: 73 1/2"
Walk thru width: 22 1/2"
Bar Spacing: 2 1/4"
Features: Pressure Plus Technology
Add extensions to max of 73 1/2"

Moore Pet Supplies

Ships same business day if ordered by 2:30 pm CST

Easy and convenient latching system Gate made with durable all-steel construction Simple installation process Gate height - 29 1/2" Additional gate extensions are available (5.5" Extension, and 12.5" Extension) Child proof safety handle Paint coat is lead free and non-toxic

JPMA Certified Product
Gate is JPMA certified & adheres
to the guidelines as set forth by the JPMA
& the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Gateway Gate

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