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Free Standing Dog Gates

No hardware or instalation needed freestanding gates

Free Standing Gates are generally used as barriers to contain dogs either in a designated area. Free standing gates are typically used in entry ways, door ways and hallways to limit a pets access. A free standing gate is designed to stand by itself without any hardware or mounting. Many models will adjust, usually through a sliding motion, to fit the desired opening. Other models have a "panel" design that allows them to stand by positioning the panels in a "z" or offset pattern. Both designs are stable gate configurations and are very effective for use with dogs. Free standing gates have the added advantage of being very versatile. Because they are self adjusting and stand independently, they can be used in many areas of the home.

Free Standing Gates or Freestanding Gates are not usually used to contain a cat. Cats are more prone to jumping over even the tallest free standing gate. A free standing gate should never be used as a baby gate or for toddlers. For more Info about Baby Gates see our Baby Gate Information Page regarding special considerations for children. There is an inherent danger that a toddler could climb on or lean, causing the gate to slide or fall over. Free standing gates are a favorite for dog and puppy owners as dogs usually do not "test the gate".

Note: Free Standing gates are not recommended for securing the top of a staircase. For this type of application a hardware mounted gate would be more suitable.