Duragate Pet Gate MG-25

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Product Description

Duragate Pet Gate MG-25

Hardware Mounted Metal Gate

Duragate Pet Gate MG-25

The Duragate Pet Gate is an extremely sturdy, hardware mounted gate. The rugged steel construction ensures that you will get years of use out of this pet gate. The powder coat finish used will stand up to heavy traffic and constant use and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. A one-handed latch system allows you to easily pass through the gate when needed.

One of the most unique features of the Duragate Pet Gate is that it gives you the ability of customizing not only the span width but also the gate height. It is one of the few gates on the markets that allows you to add height extensions when necessary.

Note:This gate is highly recommended for customers with tall or big dogs. You can increase the height of this gate by 16 inches by purchasing two additional TPX extensions...giving you a 45.5 inch tall gate.

Symbol indicating that Gates are Child Safety Rated
Use with children:

This gate has been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturer's Association for use with small children. It can be used for securing doorways and hallways. It is sturdy enough that it will not open or swing open when pushed on by a toddler.

Gates that are Rated for Use with Pets
Use with pets:

This gate can be used with dog breeds of any size. It is sturdy enough to be used with giant sized breeds as well as extremely energetic dogs. The steel construction will stand up to chewing and heavy use. Optional height extensions can be used for dogs that like to jump.

Gate Dimensions and Features
(Base Unit)
26.5" to 41.5"

Duragate Pet Gate MG-25 Extension Info

Extensions Note: Only 1 - BX-12 Gate width extension can be added to a gate unit
A Maximum of (2) TPX Gate height extensions can be added to a gate unit

Gate Width
Spans Using
Extension Combination
Base Gate unit
26.5" - 41.5"
No Additional extensions
41.5" - 54"
Add optional BX12 Extension
Increase height by 8 inches
Maximum of (2) extensions
16 inches Total
Add optional TPX Extension


Extensions for the Duragate Pet Gate

Images showing width and height extensions on MG-25 Gate
MG-25 with BX-12 extensionsMG-25 with TPX height extension

Duragate Pet Gate
model MG-25
User Guide
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Cardinal Duragate MG-25 shown with width and height optional extensions

Images showing the Duragate Pet Gate with optional width and height extensions

Type: Hardware mounted
Construction: Steel
Height: 29.5" high
Span: fits 26.5"-41.5"
Bar Spacing: 2 1/2"
Features: One hand latch
Extensions for width and height available

Ships same business day if ordered by 2:30 pm CST
Easy one hand latch operation Fits widths of 26 1/2" to 41 1/2" Gate Height is 29 1/2" Rugged steel construction Height extensions available. Width extension available 2 color choices Items returned before 30 days are accepted without charge. Items returned within 30 to 60 days will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Returns are not accepted after 60 days.

Symbol indicating that Gates are Child Safety Rated
All Cardinal Gates are JPMA certified & adhere
to the guidelines as set forth by the JPMA
& the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Duragate Pet Gate MG-25

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