Gates For Every Application!

Gates For Every Application!

Gates USA on Jun 28th 2021

Charles McDonald patented the very first hardware-mounted gate in October of 1906. He invented this gate intending to keep small children from falling down the stairs. This is the very same intention we have today when we purchase a gate. Our main goal is to prevent our small children or pets from accessing unsafe areas in our homes. Back in the “old days”, it was common that the woman was home taking care of the house while the man was out working. So, using a gate was mainly while the child was under supervision. Fast forward to 2021 and a majority of Americans male and female are gone for 8 or more hours working. For customers that need a gate for pet confinement, you expect the gate to be dependable and durable. Since 1905 gates have been evolving to meet the needs of customers such as yourself.

Nowadays, you can find a variety of different gates with different functions. The first-ever gate was a hardware-mounted child gate. So, to provide a secure place, you had to put holes into the walls. You no longer have to cause permanent damage to achieve your safety goals. Pressure-mounted gates use pressure to secure the gate to the hallway, doorway, or stairway. This means no permanent holes or tools are required to install. If you are looking for a gate that requires zero installs you will want to look at a free-standing pet gate. Just keep in mind this gate is designed for small dogs and or cats. It is recommended you only use this gate under constant supervision as it is moveable. For certified safety gates look for JPMA certified seal. These gates have been tested and pass guidelines set by the standards developer ASTM International.

Gates USA offers free-standing, pressure-mounted, hardware-mounted, and JPMA certified baby and small child gates. And the styles, well those are endless!! We have wood gates, metal gates, retractable gates, automatic gates, wide gates, and so many more. We work with a variety of different Gate Manufacturers to ensure you find a product that you love. As you look through our available products you will notice popular brands such as Cardinal Gates, KidCo, Bindaboo, Regalo, and so many more.

Choosing a gate for your pet or child should be a simple process. As you browse through our website, you will notice we have separated the gates we offer by the type of install it requires. If it is a pressure-mounted gate you are looking for, skip all the rest and click on pressure-mounted. The same goes for all the rest. We spent endless hours creating a website that is user-friendly just for you. If you have any questions or need assistance finding a certain item, please call today.