Baby Proofing Your Home

Baby Proofing Your Home

Gates USA on Jun 28th 2021

As pet owners or parents, it is our job to protect our young children and or pets. The number of unsafe spaces and dangerous items in reach at all times can be overwhelming, especially to new parents or pet owners. From hot stoves to household cleaners, endless options of horror are present. Here at Gates USA, we understand that frustration and aim to provide you with a helpful solution. Gates have always been a safe solution to confining your pet or little one to a safe area designated just for them.

For your little one, you can babyproof the entire room, add some favorite toys, put up your gate, and accomplish tasks you otherwise would not have been able to. For our pets, it is an alternate option to a crate or kennel. We do not get to choose to stay home ALWAYS. So, for the moments we are gone a gate would be a perfectly safe solution to allowing your pet to roam freely. Our pets need to be able to move and stretch not be locked in for 8 hours.

It is also a known fact, babies and young children need time alone to learn to be self-sufficient. If you were thinking of purchasing a gate and haven’t due to nervousness of them getting out, rest assured in knowing our gates are secure. Gates USA offers a variety of different gates from a variety of manufacturers. We offer free-standing, hardware-mounted, pressure-mounted, and JPMA certified baby and small child gates. JPMA certification seal means, the baby gate has been tested and meets guidelines set by the standards developer ASTM International.

These gates will feature additional features such as telescopic rails to prevent pinching or dual locking mechanisms to prevent unwanted outs. New guidelines also mandate that a gate be made to withstand 30lbs of force before dislodging. This is a significant jump from a previous 10-pound limit. All gates manufactured after July 6, 2021, will HAVE to meet this requirement. A majority of the manufacturers we work with offer gates that have JPMA certification. So, no matter the need, we have you covered. Browse our selection of gates online or call to speak with one of our associates today.